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Process Hacker Is a Powerful, Free Windows Process and Utility Tool

Process Hacker is a toolkit of massive proportion which gives you back the full control of all Windows processes, services, and network activity. It is a light software application with intuitive design and a host of functionalities to help optimize your operating system.

When Windows Hangs, You Make It Bang!

Whenever Windows operating systems slow down, hang, or crash, usually a single process is to blame. Identifying the culprit can involve digging deep into the System or Services or even clicking through Startup Configuration settings. Process Hacker presents an elegant solution to this problem for Windows XP and newer OS generations. It offers a comprehensive overview of process, service, network, and disk vitals in separate tabs and allows you to instantly identify, debug, or kill any problematic threads.

Process Hacker Lets You Steer Windows the Way You Want

Process Hacker truly lets you take the reins. It can bypass most levels of security in order to terminate a process, and it can manipulate DLLs, DEP status, tokens, and many other system components. Overall, Process Hacker is a comprehensive, powerful tool for Windows optimization.

Process Hacker es una analizador de procesos que proporciona gran cantidad de información a cerca de cada programa o servicio en ejecución.

El programa muestra una lista de procesos en la que cada uno aparece coloreado indicando si se trata de un proceso del sistema, del usuario, si es nuevo, el tiempo que lleva en ejecución, etc.

Además, Process Hacker informa sobre todos los tipos de memoria que está utilizando cada programa, los archivos que usa el programa en ejecución, etc.


  • Virtually unlimited system scanning & modification capabilities
  • Color-coded tree views make processes and services clearly identifiable


  • Can cause system damage in inexperienced hands
  • so users need to know what they are doing
  • Does not run on Intel Itanium platforms

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Process Hacker


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